Portland Maine
9th Annual Dyke March
June 20, 2014 - 6:30pm
Monument Square

Dyke March Mission
The mission of the Portland, Maine Dyke March is to create an empowering movement that fosters community and celebration for dykes and the people who love them. The Portland Dyke March seeks to be positive, feminist, diverse and community-driven in all of its endeavors. We welcome anyone with a past or present connection to the dyke community. Learn how to get 1000 dollar loan even with bad credit at WeGot1000 website. Really useful article with good pieces of advice! Follow them and you'll get what you need.
Dyke March History
June 2005
Jill Barkley, Melissa Heckman and Sarah Holmes decide to organize a "Dyke March Contingent" to march in the Southern Maine Pride Parade. They make fliers which read "Where are all the dykes in Portland?" and invite people to meet in Monument Square, where Jill, Melissa and Sarah hand out rainbow colored arm-bands before the parade.
June 17, 2005
The Dyke March Contingent marches together, winning the Purple Award for Best Community Spirit.
May 2006
Jill Barkley, Melissa Heckman, Pam McCann and Sarah Holmes meet and plan Portland's first ever Dyke March in just over 3 weeks! They have a fundraiser at Styxx Bar in Portland, fill out permits and hope people show up to march!
June 17, 2006
The first annual Portland Dyke March is born! Around 150 people came out for a simple march led by a megaphone from Tommy's Park to Congress Square.
January 2007
The Dyke March Committee is formed! Jill Barkley, Melissa Heckman, Jen Hodsdon, Audrey Luce and Sarah Holmes begin to meet monthly. The group plans fundraisers at Styxx and Maine Street Bar and ask Equality Maine to help sponsor the event. They plan for musical performers, speakers, roller derby girls, dykes on bikes and an after-part at the recently opened North Star Music Cafe. They also have posters, quarter-sheets and t-shirts designed by local artists and establish a website.
June 15, 2007
Portland's 2nd Annual Dyke March happens, drawing almost 300 dykes and the people who love them to Monument Square. A pre-march rally is followed by the march and finally an after-show in Congress Square. The North Star Music Cafe hosts the after party with a local DJ, forming a fast partnership with the Dyke March.
October 2007
The first monthly fundraiser happens at the North Star Music Cafe to continue to build community and raise money for Dyke March 2008. Throughout 2007 and into 2008, around 100 people come out on the 3rd Friday of every month to socialize, dance and donate a $3 cover charge to the Portland Dyke March.
May 2008
The Portland Dyke March Committee develops a mission statement and a new website! The five member, volunteer committee plans for Portland's 3rd Annual Dyke March to be held on Friday, June 20, 2008.
January 2009
The first Town Hall meeting is held to get community feedback and discuss the future of the Portland Dyke March.
Spring 2009
Monthly dance parties at the North Star Music Cafe continue to build community and raise funds for the Portland Dyke March. In collaboration with Blackstones, the "Boy Meets Girl" happy hour events seek to build alliances with the greater LGBT community in Portland. In April, an Open Mic night highlighted local musicians, spoken word artists, dancers, drag performers and more. Many of these performers will be joining the community at the June Dyke March events.
May 2009
The planning committee and volunteers kick into high gear with the final preparations for the 4th annual Portland Dyke March to be held on Friday, June 19, 2009.